Planning Process

A 27-member academic strategic plan Steering Committee including faculty, staff, administrators, and students structured and guided the planning and fact-finding process, assessed preliminary findings, elicited campus input, formulated final recommendations and goals, and ultimately drafted the plan. The academic strategic plan reflected the findings of several working groups, comprising 93 faculty, staff, and student representatives.

New institution vision and mission statements, were developed through a collaborative campus effort guided by the Steering Committee. Hundreds of comments from the campus community were received during two open comment periods, and these were used to guide revisions. In all, more than 1,300 distinct pieces of feedback were received and processed during this public review of the Academic Strategic Plan.

The Board of Trustees approved the final version of the mission and vision and the draft Strategic Plan in April 2015.

Following publication of the academic strategic plan in June 2015, working groups continued with the development and prioritization of initiatives associated with each of the six thematic areas of the plan.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, an academic strategic plan Implementation Oversight Committee organized these proposed initiatives for presentation to newly arrived Vice Chancellor and Provost Michele G. Wheatly.

From May 2016 to the present, Provost Wheatly has worked collaboratively with the deans, faculty, and staff of the University’s schools and colleges to implement priority initiatives in the six thematic areas around which the academic strategic plan is structured.