Commitment to Veterans

Distinguish Syracuse as the premier university for veterans, military-connected students, and families

Syracuse University has a distinguished legacy of leadership in addressing the needs of our nation’s veterans and military-connected communities, and of responsiveness to the needs of the day. Data suggests that post-9/11 veterans and their families are taking advantage of the GI Bill program at an increasing rate. We anticipate that those needs and educational aspirations will continue to grow, and with that in mind, we are committed to being the premier university for veterans and military students. Building on our faculty and staff expertise, programmatic infrastructure, and institutional resources, we also are uniquely positioned to serve as a thought leader in areas relating to the social, economic, and wellness concerns of the nation’s veterans and military-connected communities. Syracuse today is already home to several ground-breaking veteran and military-connected initiatives, including the nationally recognized Institute for Veterans and Military Families, the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities, the Defense Comptrollership Program, the Military Visual Journalism Program, and the V-WISE entrepreneurship program for women veterans. Building on this, we will ensure that veterans and individuals associated with the military are accommodated and integrated fully into the campus community, and that our recruitment, academic offerings, and support services are aligned with the needs and aspirations of this richly diverse population. In turn, we must leverage cross-University academic expertise to develop and enhance interdisciplinary research in critical areas related to veterans, military affairs, and national security. Ensuring that those who have served our nation in uniform receive a rigorous education and the supports they need to thrive not only meets a critical national need; it also makes the University and our entire student population better. Veterans and military-connected students bring tremendous assets to academic life, including strong leadership and teamwork skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, an astute world view, and a desire to get the most out of their education. The growing need for programming and research in veteran and military-related areas and for promoting the well-being of veterans and their families provides opportunities to illuminate Syracuse’s outstanding reputation in veteran and military affairs—and to have a meaningful impact on the world.

GOAL 4.1 – Enhance and expand programs that address the needs and interests of veterans and military families, recognizing the significant role higher education can play in advancing post-service success

4.1.1 – Identify and pursue programs and research aligned with interests and aspirations of veterans and emerging areas of  need and opportunity
4.1.2 – Leverage and enhance existing academic programs and faculty expertise to provide specialized education in veteran  and military affairs
4.1.3 – Enhance support services to address the unique needs of veterans and to foster a culture of persistence and  success in achieving their academic goals