Promote creativity and discovery attuned to important challenges and emerging needs

Creative activities and research are fundamentally coupled to our educational mission. Research and creative activities nourish the intellectual and physical well-being of society and drive a prosperous and diverse high-tech economy. We seek to advance research excellence in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary endeavors by supporting a wide range of scholarship, including activities poised to address pressing global needs, basic research that advances fundamental understanding, and curiosity-driven inquiry. To maintain a strong culture of research across the campus we will provide high-quality, centralized, and coordinated support and facilities. We celebrate and reward those who excel in research and creative endeavors and ask them to provide leadership, mentoring, and guidance as we advance scholarly work as an institution. We seek to elevate signature areas of inquiry where our strengths coincide with areas of external opportunity. As we generate knowledge, we simultaneously inform teaching and learning, offer experiential learning opportunities for students, and establish a conduit for interactions with broader communities. Collectively, these activities provide a platform to enhance the impact of our creative endeavors around the globe. Strong doctoral programs play a key role in our research enterprise. Rigorous doctoral training and experience are essential in the development of new generations of scholars and researchers, and they enhance the intellectual vitality of the University and beyond. Our research operation functions as an interconnected academic pipeline from new undergraduate scholars to established senior faculty. We will continue to engage and encourage students at all levels in scholarship through robust and dedicated support structures, planting seeds for a culture of inquiry that will accompany them in all their future endeavors.

GOAL 2.1 – Foster a University-wide culture that celebrates and advances  creative  work  and  research  in  ways  that  inspire  discovery, enhance teaching and learning, and magnify our impact and interconnections with the world

2.1.1 – Cultivate new scholars, including undergraduates, master’s and Ph.D. graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars
2.1.2 – Amplify engagement in cutting-edge creative work and research through robust, coordinated support mechanisms and meaningful incentives
2.1.3 – Attract, develop, and retain outstanding faculty scholars throughout their careers
2.1.4 – Identify and pursue strategically focused investments in cross-cutting areas of strength such as health and well-being, natural resources, humanities, and societal needs
2.1.5 – Support discoveries and inventions on campus and their path to implementation

GOAL 2.2 – Cultivate   doctoral   program   success   to   further optimize quality and productivity, advance our commitment to  dynamic  learning  and  knowledge  discovery,  and  develop  “new scholars’’ at all levels

2.2.1 – Strengthen capacity to attract outstanding doctoral students
2.2.2 – Enhance institutional recognition of and support for doctoral programs
2.2.3 – Facilitate professional growth and networking opportunities
2.2.4 – Elevate doctoral student mentoring as a critical part of the faculty teaching workload