Nurture an entrepreneurial culture

Against the backdrop of significant external forces that will affect higher education over the next 25 years, Syracuse University will define its own path of change and institutional renewal, one distinguished by its unique past and guided by its virtues. We have a long record of trail-blazing innovation and creativity, including veterans’ programs, entrepreneurial activity, the arts, disability studies, campus-community engagement, and industry partnerships, to name a few. We will strive to ensure that our culture, structures, and mechanisms continue to fuel productive change and empower us to respond nimbly to emerging needs and opportunities. We will work to cultivate an enterprising mindset characterized by visionary thinking and creative problemsolving, and the capacity to channel ideas into actions. Such an environment will attract the best and brightest students, faculty, and staff and incite external partnerships with those on the cutting edge. Respecting and retaining the culture and expertise that have defined Syracuse for more than a century, we will nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, not solely in a business sense, but in a way that embraces new models of discovery in every corner of our campus. From pedagogy and student services to administrative processes and technology, we will establish a culture of boldness, empowering those closest to the core to make decisions that create opportunity and improve efficiency. We will view multifaceted societal challenges as opportunities to coalesce disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams to seek creative and impactful solutions, energizing students, faculty, staff, and alumni around a mission that resonates with their desire to make a difference in the world.

GOAL 5.1 – Seed and nurture a campus-wide culture of continuous innovation that incentivizes students, faculty, and staff to “do change right, the Syracuse way.”

5.1.1 – Empower campus “champions of change” to galvanize and support innovation and cross-campus collaboration
5.1.2 – Enhance student entrepreneurship opportunities, including sandboxes and innovation labs
5.1.3 – Strengthen campus spaces to foster collaboration and innovation
5.1.4 – Reward and value creativity and risk-taking at all levels of the institution
5.1.5 – Cultivate internal and external partnerships, including alumni relationships, to pollinate innovative thinking