Enter the Campus, Engage with the World

Syracuse University, grounded by a tradition of international scholarship and engagement, dedicates itself to fostering and sustaining an international community of scholars that values and supports all students and prepares them to thrive in a globally connected world. We do that not only by advancing global study, research, and internship opportunities—a signature of the Syracuse academic experience—but also by developing and expanding institutional structures, programming, and opportunities in such a way that students engage with the world from the moment they arrive on campus. We will leverage our substantive strengths in global regional studies, international institutional partnerships, and growing multinational body (students/faculty/alumni) to truly internationalize Syracuse University. We will make internationalization a key strategic priority for the University, recognizing that students and their families value global study and cross-cultural experiences as distinguishing features of an outstanding education, and that employers seek students with the skills to innovate within and navigate through the economic, cultural, and political systems of the world.

GOAL 3.1 – Enhance and expand institutional mechanisms to better cultivate, welcome, support, and value the contributions of our international student community, facilitate cross-cultural interaction, and advance cultural understanding

3.1.1 – Provide campus living-learning opportunities with a global focus and other activities and programs that spur cross-cultural engagement
3.1.2 – Advance a unified internationalization strategy by coordinating and integrating appropriate administrative units
3.1.3 – Strengthen support services for international students
3.1.4 – Explore the potential for creating a University Internationalization Council

GOAL 3.2 – Facilitate distinctive global learning experiences that expand our students’ capacity to live, work, and thrive in a deeply interconnected world

3.2.1 – Cultivate skill sets and cultural understanding to maximize global study experiences
3.2.2 – Integrate study abroad programs more closely with campus curricula
3.2.3 – Expand access to study abroad opportunities
3.2.4 – Fortify global learning experiences for graduate students

GOAL 3.3 – Expand our relevance and impact in global scholarship and further internationalize the curriculum

3.3.1 – Identify and invest in select regions of the world that are of strategic significance to the University
3.3.2 – Structure regional centers as University-wide in order to better support and foster interdisciplinary initiatives
3.3.3 – Incentivize schools and colleges to develop courses with international content and perspectives