One University

Galvanize institution-wide excellence

As One University, Syracuse supports progress toward our mission by consistently pursuing excellence in all areas of University operations. We achieve this by providing all those engaged in reaching our mission a workplace that proactively supports their personal and professional needs, challenges them to grow, respects diverse points of view, and recognizes excellence. Administrative and support staff, both on campus and at satellite locations—many of whom are the first line of contact for students seeking assistance—play a crucial role in advancing the goals of this plan and assuring the success of our students. We aim to be recognized as a model employer, including for those groups less traditionally represented among higher education professionals and who may need targeted recruitment efforts and supports. We must ensure that in every capacity, our operations are efficient and effective, and that employees at every level recognize their role in advancing our mission and sustaining a thriving, supportive campus community for all.

GOAL 6.1 – Advance excellence in every capacity to fuel staff and faculty success

6.1.1 – Provide a supportive, challenging, responsive, and rewarding workplace environment for all staff and faculty, with opportunities, and appropriate training, for advancement into leadership roles
6.1.2 – Maintain our commitment to be recognized as one of the “Best Universities to Work For” for all employees
6.1.3 – Strengthen internal communication structures to promote campus-wide engagement, collaboration, and investment  in institutional success
6.1.4 – Enhance our institutional focus on governance structures that best assure responsiveness, effectiveness, and  accountability to goals
6.1.5 – Continuously assess University operations for efficient use of resources and accountability
6.1.6 – Foster and nurture a University-wide sense of community rooted in shared purpose, respect, and recognition of  the vital role each one of us plays in achieving our institutional vision and mission