The Student Experience

Provide all students with a world-class learning experience that prepares them for future success

Syracuse University is committed to providing all students with an excellent and highly distinctive educational experience that prepares them for academic, personal, and professional success in an increasingly complex, diverse, and interconnected world. We will do that by instilling in them a capacity to think deeply and analytically; to listen and learn from diverse life experiences, cultures, and points of view; to act with ethical and academic integrity; and to engage in ways that enrich scholarship and enhance our communities and world. Drawing on our strengths in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional schools, and building on our historic commitment to access, opportunity, and global engagement, we will cultivate in students those distinct skills, competencies, and experiences that exemplify Syracuse as a place of excellence in higher education. We also recognize that true undergraduate excellence can only be achieved when attention is paid to the “whole student.” We will do that by working collaboratively to address campus culture and nurture the personal, professional, and social development of all students, and to create the conditions that support excellent teaching, learning, retention, and success.

GOAL 1.1 – Boldly instill in all undergraduate students those core competencies and values, and provide dynamic  learning experiences, that drive intellectual excellence, feed creativity, and cultivate the skills needed to excel

1.1.1 – Develop a set of key core competencies that transcend  disciplines and transfer internally across schools and colleges
1.1.2 – Facilitate substantive and multifaceted experiential and global learning opportunities
1.1.3 – Elevate the College of Arts and Sciences as an exemplar of excellence and heart of the academic enterprise
1.1.4 – Foster student innovation and technological know-how

GOAL 1.2 – Sustain an inclusive, accessible campus of opportunity for a richly diverse student body, including  international students, students with disabilities,  underrepresented students, and veterans

1.2.1 – Strengthen and coordinate outreach/recruitment  strategies that highlight our commitment to inclusion
1.2.2 – Maintain robust support structures and accessible facilities to enhance retention and success of all  students
1.2.3 – Implement education opportunities to build  campus-wide cultural competence

GOAL 1.3 – Adapt and enhance all graduate programs to anticipate needs and opportunities and cultivate the capacity for sustained success in a swiftly evolving marketplace

1.3.1 – Continuously innovate programs to address emerging needs and identify potential for external collaborations
1.3.2 – Formulate marketing strategies to showcase the value of professional programs
1.3.3 – Ensure that humanities graduate programs address emerging needs and prepare students for careers both within the academy and more broadly
1.3.4 – Enhance professional school collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences to better anticipate needs and leverage expertise to benefit all students
1.3.5 – Heighten and intensify coordinated leadership and support for professional program

GOAL 1.4 – Nourish the whole student to support academic, social, and emotional well-being

1.4.1 – Ensure robust and coordinated academic support and career advising services
1.4.2 – Advance University libraries’ capacity to support,  help lead, and adapt to the evolving needs of a 21st-century campus
1.4.3 – Enhance comprehensive, coordinated, high-quality services to promote students’ overall well-being
1.4.4 – Vigorously advance a culture of mutual respect, honesty, community safety, and accountability for all to act with ethical integrity

GOAL 1.5 – Rigorously advance a University-wide culture of teaching excellence that prizes innovation and drives successful student outcomes

1.5.1 – Promote pedagogical excellence attuned to a diverse student body
1.5.2 – Assess, recognize, value, and reward teaching excellence
1.5.3 – Incentivize curricular innovation and interdisciplinary teaching